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For optimal consulting we have built up a network to bring together diverse expertise in various areas. Thus we can also deal with complex issues and problems. The operator and owner of the company is Ms. Ismene Jäger, Diploma Chemist. For ten years she was Director, Partner, and Manager of Hydrotox GmbH in Freiburg.

We especially seek to work together with enterprises in the ecological optimization of their products and processes, as well as in the realization of measures in the areas of conserving resources, quality assurance (GLP, GMP, ISO) sustainable development, energy- and environmental management systems systems and the ecologicas optimization of products and processes and if you want to apply for an national or European Ecolabel.

Today Hydrotox is counted as one of our most valued clients and plays an important role as one of the focal points in our network in the area of biotesting procedures and approval and registration of chemicals.

Intensive cooperation with active enterprises takes place primarily at the local, regional and national levels. But even on the European and international levels more and more important contacts are being made.

For the past several years Ms. Jäger has also been active as an evaluator for the European Commission (new program Horizon 2020).

With QUMsult in Freiburg projects in the field of energy- and qualitymanagement were carried out.

Contacts exist to regional (e.g. the Business Licensing & Inspection Agency), as well as national agencies, ministries and institutes (Ministry of the Environment, Federal Environmental Protection Agency, BfR).

You can find out more about the content and details of these projects by consulting our numerous publications.


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