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Ökologische Netze is specialized in providing small and mid-sized enterprises with expert advice in all environmental questions.

If you want to:
    Qualifying products for an Environmental certificate (e.g. Blue Angel, European eco label)
    • Evaluate substances being used currently
    • Make available information on the current requirements for the Environmental certificate
    • Contact the responsible governmental agencies
    • Make the product conform to the requirements

    Improve your production processes
    • Ecologically optimize your production/your products
    • Identify your reducible cost sources
    • Conservation of energy
    • Make data on hazardous substances available in understandable form

    Evaluate and license chemicals/products
    • Cope with the requirements of the European chemicals policies (REACH)
    • If you need tests for the evaluation of hazards of chemicals and products we can help you in obtaining estimates/offers for testing, in evaluation of test reports received, and in communicating with the responsible governmental agencies (GLP and non GLP).
    • Existing data on chemicals and products can be structured/organized to meet your needs
    • Safety Data Sheets can be interpreted and explained.
    • With the aid of our database searches in international sources we can evaluate chemicals, products, and their preparations.

    Delegating management tasks
    • Support the project management on short notice
    • Competent communication with governmental agencies
    • Quality management in the laboratory (e.g. GLP, GMP)

    Extend work safety systematically and effectively
    • Through structuring of your data
    • Through understandable "translation" of the safety data sheets
    • Through organizing continuing education and further training
    • Through substitution of especially hazardous chemicals

    If you have any further requests or needs, please ask us. At Ökologische Netze you are at the right address for advice and answers to all questions touching on ecological themes.


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