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Ismene Jäger, the Director and owner of the company

Portrait Ismene Jäger

Portrait Ismene Jäger2

My training was as a Diploma Chemist, with emphasis on Biochemistry. For more than 30 years I worked in the field of ecotoxicology, toxicology, and ecological optimization of products and processes and quality management (GLP, GMP, ISO 17025). Since many years I support companies to apply for national and international Ecolabels like Blue Angel and EU-Ecolabel. In the last years I included energy management (ISO 50001) in my portfolio. I find it especially satisfying to collaborate with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in all questions involving environmental and health safety. Through the joint efforts and interactions with many other companies and research institutes I have good access to an exceptionally competent network of highly qualified experts at all times.

Selected career stages / Projects

    European Commission
    • Evaluation panel member
    • Evaluation of research proposal funding applications in the current environmental framework program
    • Preparation and realization of research proposals
    European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
    • Expert
    • Waterframework Directive and priority substances
    • EU Ecolabel
    • Pharmaceuticals in the environment
    GTZ (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit - German Technical Cooperation Foundation)
    • Worked as an expert in the field of pesticide evaluation and reduction in Thailand
    • Established standardized investigation methods
    • Evaluation of pesticides
    • Revision of Blue Angel Criteria for footwear
    • Preparation and revision of Blue Angel Criteria for textiles
    • Numerous other project in the context of Blue Angel
    Hydrotox GmbH
    • Project director and acquisition tasks
    • Manager of quality control & certification (GLP, ISO)
    • Advising and consulting industrial enterprises in the field of textiles, leather and biocides
    • Director and co-owner of the company through 1999
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